Treatments especially for Men
Specialised Treatments For Men 
Environ Vitamin Facial
For men that need skin care that works
60 mins £53.00
Includes steam, deep cleanse, scrub to remove dead skin cells and extraction of blackheads. Application of a mask to hydrate the skin, to remove blocked pores and soften hairs. Followed by a massage to relax tense facial muscles and finishing with a moisturiser to hydrate and reduce fine lines.
Homme Back Treatment
For sweaty, oily and spotty backs that are hard to reach
30 mins £25.00
Includes steam, deep cleanse, scrub to remove dead skin cells, and extraction of blackheads. Application of a mask to hydrate the skin and remove blocked pores. A massage to relax tense back, neck and shoulder muscles and moisturise to hydrate the skin.
Homme Foot Treatment
For tired, sweaty and aching feet
60 mins £30.00
Includes detox soak, cuticle work, cut and file of nails and hard skin buffing. Application of a gritty foot scrub and putty hydrating mask with the feet then wrapped in a hot towel treatment. Finish with a foot and lower leg massage followed by a refreshing moisturising gel.
Homme Hand Treatment
For hands that need to look professional
from 60 mins £27.00
Includes soak, cuticle work, cut and file of nails. Application of gritty hand scrub and putty hydrating mask with the hands wrapped in heated towels. Finish with a hand and lower arm massage followed by a refreshing moisturising gel.
For bodies that need to relax and unwind or energise and invigorate.
Back, Neck, Shoulders, Face and Chest
30 mins £26.00
45 mins £35.00
60 mins £44.00

The removal of unwanted hair using Australian Bodycare Tea Tree wax with individual and personalised applicators.
Eyebrows £9.00
Back and Shoulders from £20.00
Chest and Abdomen from £17.00
Eyebrow Treading £05:00
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